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Intelligent Water Heating Blanket Electric Water Heated Mattress Water Circulation


 -It is an electric blanket also is a plumbing mattress. 
-3D Blanket Thickened material for comfort and safety. 
-Uses the water and electricity separation structure, Intelligent constant temperature, energy saving and power saving
-High-quality cotton fabric ,soft and warm,comfortable and not deformed,keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the winter night.

Product Detail



Model : MH-PM01

Product size: 240*200*120 mm

Mattress size: 150*200 mm / 180*200 mm

Water capacity: 800 ml

Voltage: 220V/ 50 Hz


Temperature : 20-65℃

Heatiing mode: Automatic thermostat

Noice Level: <30db

Frequency of water filling: once for two months


Application: bedroom


No electromagnetic radiation, baby,pregnant and elder can use it .

Double spiral heating wire, high strength, aging resistance, bending resistance, safety guarantee.

The cable is even and flat, the distribution is scientific and reasonable, and the temperature rises fast.

The blanket soft smooth and delicate, skin can be directly naked.

Silicone hose, pressure and folding resistance.

Fully enclosed anti-leakage electric design, safe and waterproof, anti-leakage.

Energy saving, only need to be heated once a night, the temperature is maintained for a long time.

Product Details

大宇水暖床1010_01 water heated matrress 01water heated matrress 02water heated matrress 03大宇水暖床1010_04大宇水暖床1010_03     water heated matrress 06water heated matrress 04  water heated matrress 07大宇水暖床1010_05

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