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Air Circulation Purifying Fan Pedestal Remote Control Pureflow Fan


-Pure copper DC brushless motor, compact and energy-saving design, can purify air and enhance air circulation

-Automatically swing left and right, height adjustable

-Set 1-8 hours switch regularly

-26 gears can be easily adjusted and air supply is long distance

Product Detail



Model No MA-DF02
Rated oltage~Frequency 220V~50Hz
Voltage 220V~
Power 2.3W~25W
Negative ion 2.5 million/cm³
Timing 1-8h
Material ABS
Power Cable 170cm
Control Button + Remote Control
Standby memory position 333*320*565mm(Desktop)
Shake his head to zero 333*320*980mm(Vertical)


1.Detachable for table use

It can be used for both table and floor. The heights of both forms have been tested many times and adjusted to the best height that is more suitable for people's daily use. 98cm for floor fans and 56.5cm for table fans. Whether it is sitting on the sofa, reading a book, playing with the baby on the carpet, or lying on the bed, there is a better angle for you .

2.Double-layer fan blade design

It adopts a design of 9 outside and 6 inside, double-layer fan blades. Unlike traditional fans and other air circulation fans, smart circulation fans have a longer wind distance, a larger windward area and a softer airflow.

3.Multi-angle wide-angle air supply

It is worth mentioning that the sapphire circulating fan has 5 head-shaking angles, which are 30°, 60°, and 90° up and down 90°. It can be used up, down, left and right, and can also be rotated in one direction. It can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of single person blowing or cooling by multiple persons.

4.Efficient and reliable all-copper motor

Upgraded pure copper DC inverter brushless motor, the speed is increased to 1071rpm, low power and high speed, wind speed up to 5.6m/s, giving you a cool summer.

Design Sketch

X2风扇详情EN_01 X2风扇详情EN_02 X2风扇详情EN_03 X2风扇详情EN_04 X2风扇详情EN_05 X2风扇详情EN_06

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