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Smart Room Air Circulator Fan 26-speeds Control Pedestal DC Floor Negative Ion Fan


-DC fan operating mode,air circulation , ultra-quiet & low energy 
-26 speeds control ECO temperature sensing frequency conversion 
-Negative ions to purify the air protection

Product Detail




Power (Max):22W

Dimensions: 330x320x516x930 mm

Packing Dimensions:365 x319 x400 mm

Colour:Black, White, Green

Net Weight:0.57kgs

Water tank capacity: 500ml

Waterproof capacity: IP54

Ultrasonic freqency:40khz

Applications: Household Items Ultrasonic Cleaning


Multiple fan speeds and settings

-The natural wind of the intelligent circulation fan has an excellent experience that is not feel headache when blow for a long time, and it has been more meticulously and humanized under the air supply requirements of different scenarios, and it has five modes that meet the daily scenarios.

-Specially designed 5 speed mode : Normal, natural, sleeping, maternal and fetal, ECO mode adjust to desired preferences for optimal comfort.

Ultra-wide-angle air supply, promoting indoor circulation in four seasons

-6 meters of long-distance air supply accelerates circulation,when use with air condition, it can also improve the efficiency of cooling and heating.

Multi- ocillation delivering refreshing wind

-It is worth mentioning that there are 15 kinds of head-shaking angles for Sapphire circulating fan, which are 10°, 40°, 100° up and down, 30°, 60°, and 90° left and right. It can be used up and down and left and right, and it can also be turned in one direction. It can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of single person blowing or several people cooling.

Advanced quiet DC motor, noise range only 11dBA

-70% lower than the existing fan, quiet and comfort , give you a good sleep for whole night.

Double-layer 15 fan blades design

-It’s designed by 9 outer blades and 6 inner blades, double-layer 15 fan blades, the air volume generated by the large fan blade is about 1.8 times than the inner circle small fan blade, and the curvature of the fan blade has been optimized and adjusted, which is more conducive to two different wind speeds. 

-The airflow is mixed together; different from traditional fans and other air circulation fans, the mosquito repellent intelligent circulation fan has a longer wind distance, a wider windward area, and a softer airflow. 

-Such as a shallow beach, it is stroked by light wind, suitable for elderly, people with sensitive physique.

Detachable for table use

-It can be used for both table and floor. The heights of both forms have been tested many times and adjusted to the best height that is more suitable for people's daily use. 93cm for floor fans and 51.6cm for table fans. Whether it is sitting on the sofa, reading a book, playing with the baby on the carpet, or lying on the bed, there is a better angle for you .

Mosquito repellent

-The mosquito repellent essential oil is integrated into the strong and wide spreading wind current, and the mosquito repellent range is larger. With the wide-angle moving head air supply, it can be transported to every corner of the home, so that the whole family can enjoy a cool summer without mosquito bites.

New smart HD touch screen

-The base uses a PC HD auto-turn off touch screen, which is different from the traditional buttons. It is simple and modern. The light is soft and not dazzling. The screen will automatically turn off within 10 seconds without operation.

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Air Circulation DC Fan (1) Air Circulation DC Fan (2) Air Circulation DC Fan (3) Air Circulation DC Fan (4) Air Circulation DC Fan (5) Air Circulation DC Fan (6) Air Circulation DC Fan (7) Air Circulation DC Fan (8) Air Circulation DC Fan (9) Air Circulation DC Fan (10) Air Circulation DC Fan (11) Air Circulation DC Fan (12) Air Circulation DC Fan (13) Air Circulation DC Fan (14) Air Circulation DC Fan (15)

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