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Household Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Dust Mites Removal Floor Cleaning Machine


-A machine with three modes-mites removal, household vacuum cleaner, car vacuum cleaner

-Ultraviolet light sterilization, the sterilization rate and mite removal rate are as high as 99%

-HEPA filter cover, filter PM2.5 and other harmful and harmful fine powders above 0.3 microns

-Three modes, high-frequency dual-fire, 8000 shakes per minute, dust mites can be used wirelessly for up to 25 minutes

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    Model : MH-MR01

    Product size: 187*226*220mm

    Voltage 11.1V

    Power : 100W

    Charging Voltage    5V==

    Chargiing Voltaveg    1A/2A

    Charging Time: 3.5 hours

    Vibration Frequency    8000 times/min

    Dust Collection Capacity :0.2L

    Charging Time Around 3.5h

    Operation time Low mode around 25 minutes

    High mode around 14 minutes

    Vacuum Pressure: 7500Pa

    Sterilization: UV light 

    N.W.: 1.1 kgs

    Color: white/ purple / brown


    2 in 1 Dual-purpose Dust Cleaner

    -Mites Removal  and dust suction functions. There are 2 suction heads for house cleaning, one is for remove mites anywhere, one is for vacuum cleaning.
    -Easy to use for vacuuming, blowing and brushing off Dust, Hairs, Crumbs, Scraps, car interiors, keyboard, piano, pet areas,sofa,house, office desk cleaning etc.

    Light weight & Powerful Suction

    -Compact design,lightweight and hand-held,but strong suction and blowing dust buster. Output power35W super power motor provides strong suction up to 2Kpa,Wet/Dry vacuum.

    Reusable and washable filter

    -Reusable and washable filter,you can use it again and again after dry.

    Widely use & practical

    -Cordless handheld vacuum can be used as a computer cleaner blower,laptop cleaner, desk vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum for car, piano , pet house,office desk cleaning,etc. The filter is removable & washable,cycle use. Using tip: If the vacuum filter is full of dirt or suction weakens, please take it out and clean the filter in time to make sure the dust buster can work normally.

    -HEPA  filter can remove even the smallest particles suspended in the air, so it is an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter is washable and reusable, and the dust collection container is easy to empty.

    Product Details

    无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_01 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_02 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_03 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_04 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_05 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_06 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_07 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_08 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_09 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_10 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_11 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_12 无线除螨仪MH-MR01详情英文版_13

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