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26L Family Steam Air Fryer Oven 8 in 1 Multi Functional Electric Convection Combi-oven With Steam

-6D circulation hot air steamed and roasted fresh and tender

-Direct steam injection technology of imitated rocket

-Easy temperature menu selection at stepless knobs the touch of a button


Product Detail



Model No.: MK-SO01
External product size: 350*465*451mm
Capacity: 26L
Rated Voltage  220V~50Hz 
High-Temperature steam power:
Steaming power 1800W
Grilling power  1400W
Hot air power  1200W
Heating element: Off/upper heating / lower heating / upper & rear side heating
Temp Range: 100-230℃
Time setting: 12 hours
Accessories: Baking pan / steaming pan / laminated shelves
N.W.: 16kgs

steam oven

Product Details

Uniform Temperature All-round Heating Of Ingredients

The intelligent direct steam spray adds moisture to the ingredients, coating them with a water film and baking layers of heat to lock in the juices and moisture,resulting in a more tender texture than in normalbaking mode.

Double Steamy Heating Layers Of Heat Penetrate Equally

The dual upper and lower direct steam jets speed up the steam volume and cooking speed in the cavity, instantly locking in the moisture of ingredients, maintaining an appetising appearance and nutrition, and retaining freshness and beauty.

Thoughtful Details Make lt EasierTo Steam And Bake

Easy temperature menu selection at stepless knobs the touch of a button; Removable heat pipe;Easy to clean, no more dirt and grime; Visual cooking to keep track of changes Halogen lighting in ingredients ;Detachable water tank Fill the water tank without opening the steamer door


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