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Multi-function Automatic Lifting Hot Pot All-in-one Electric Grill With Non-stick Pan

-Humanized lifting design completely separates the hot pot bottom material from the food.

-One button lifts and rises the tray automatically, the soup is completely separated, refuses to cook for a long time.
-Split design, more convenient to clean and more hygienic. 
-Environmental protection, non-stick, easy to clean.


Product Detail



Model :MK-HP01 

Product size: 280*315*230mm

Capacity: 5L, applied for 3-8 peoples

Voltage/frequency: 220V~/50Hz



Control method: Paddle adjustment 

Inner pot size:Depth 7cm, pot mouth specifications: 21cm-25cm

Colors for choose:  White/ blue/ pink

Function: steaming / frying / boiling / stewing / braising/ hot pot / rice-cooking

Standard Acc.: Deep hot pot

Option Acc.: grill plate / seven-round plate


The advantage of the lifting hot pot

-The humanized lifting design completely separates the hot pot bottom material from the food, does not cook the old pot, and does not stir the ingredients.

The new definition of multifunctional electric hot pot steaming rice

-Understand that sugar-free rice is no longer sub-healthy: rice is the staple food of everyone's daily life. Because of its high starch content, the sugar content is also very considerable. The newly designed fire boiler is more suitable for sub-healthy people due to its original technology to desugar the rice during the cooking process.

Multi-function lifting electric hot pot split design

-One button and the tray automatically rises, soup is completely separated, it is more convenient to clean and more hygienic. The parts where you touch the food are made of 304 stainless steel, so you can eat more at ease.

Environmental protection

-Non-scorching, easy to clean: non-sticky surface of the inner tank, less smoke, and cleaning.

Product Details


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