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Household Large-capacity Automatic Oil-free Electric Air Fryer With Visible Window


-One machine with multi-function, satify the cooking all the day in a family

-Visualize the window to observe the state of food at any time

-Quickly heating and easy to clean, oil-free can make you cooking more health





Product Detail



Model : MK-AF01  

Product size: 309*225*266mm

Glass Capacity:3L

Power: 720W

Voltage: 220V ~240V 

Net Weight: 4.2kgs 

Grill timer: 1-45 mins/ 65-200℃  

(25 mins in default)  

Fried timer: 1-90 mins / 105-200℃

 (60 mins in default) 

Accessories: Double frying basket  / frying plate / glass cover (high borosilicate)

Features:   Multi-function air fryer,360° surrounding can visiable during cooking

small air fryer


Large capacity

-3L cooking capacity can cook meals for the whole family.

Visualization window

-Allows you to observe the food cooking situation at any time, which can be adjusted at any time. Separate area heating: frying and grilling are operated in separate areas, making cleaning easier.

Easy to clean

-The inside of the fryer and frying pan is covered with non-stick paint, which makes it easier for you to clean the air fryer and save time with your family.

Easy to store

-Exquisite figure, it can be placed casually without occupying any space.

One machine for multiple uses

-This air fryer can be used for multiple purposes in one machine, integrating frying and air frying, and can switch cooking methods at will.

Product Details

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