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Smart Utensil Knife Cutting Board UV Sterilizer Kitchen Tools Drying Holder Disinfection

 -Dual Sterilization System – UV LED and Hot Air System – 99.99% Bacteria Sterilization 

-Compatible with Cutting Boards that are less than 33.5 x 19.5 x 1.9 cm  

-Sterilize Kitchen Utensils, Flatware, and Sponge 

-Drying Function with Hot Air System and Bottom Water Drainage Tray 

-Back Side Hot Air dries Dish Wash Towel

Product Detail



Model : MS-US03 

Product size: 316*111*282 mm

Material: ABS plastic 

Voltage: 220V /50HZ

Power: 80W 

N.W.: 1.14 kgs

Color: white / deep blue

Functions:disinfection / drying / storage


Powerful functions

-Storage, hot air drying, UVC ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization three-in-one multi-function, 200-300mm wavelength real sterilization.   

Easy to use

-One-key control, 70℃ hot air drying, ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, and disinfection in all directions without leaving dead ends.

Easy to clean and storage

-The design of this universal knife holder is easy to clean and drain water. It is easy to disassemble and unload, and there is a water leak at the bottom. The holder can provide excellent moisture and mildew resistance.

High power large effective sterlization area

-5 hours automatic sterilization, Cycle disinfection mode, every 5 hours in a cyclic mode.

Product Details

刀具消毒器详情EN_01 刀具消毒器详情EN_02 刀具消毒器详情EN_04 刀具消毒器详情EN_05 刀具消毒器详情EN_06 刀具消毒器详情EN_07 刀具消毒器详情EN_08 刀具消毒器详情EN_09 刀具消毒器详情EN_10 刀具消毒器详情EN_11

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