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Disinfection Knife Cutting Board Disinfection Automatic Drying Antibacterial Sterilizer With Cutting Boards


-3 in 1 of disinfection, drying and storage for cutting board and knife 
-Double-layer disinfection system, automatically work 24 hours , disinfection efficiency high to 99.99%. 
-Multi-function slot: fits commonly used 3pcs cutting board, kitchen knives, shears, easy storage and saves stove space 

Product Detail



Model: MS- US01/MS- US02 

Product size: 400*110*265mm

Material : ABS plastic

Rated voltage/power/frequency:220V/50W/50HZ

Capacity :1*chopping board/3*chopping board+3*knives+1*scissor+chopsticks

Disinfection Method: Ultraviolet Rays

Color: White/pink 

Function: Disinfection and sterilization

Chopping board that equipped 1-3pcs TPU chopping

Backside With water receiver

Two sides With UV light

Bottom Blowing 60℃ warm air

Power cord 1.5 meter


3 in 1 of disinfection, drying and storage with UV-C long lamps, more high-effective

-Double ultraviolet lamp sterilization, can irradiate all corners of the machine without dead angle, sterilization rate reach 99%, effectively killing common bacteria and germs in life.

Double-layer disinfection system and hot air drying kitchen utensils, anti-bacterial and mildew free

-Disinfection for cutting boards and knives through a double-layer drive UV lamp inside the machine, automatically work 24 hours to keep your cutting board to be healthy.


-Warm air drying function: keep cutting boards and knives dry and hygienic, and keep knives from rust.

Multi-function slot, saves stove space

-Fits commonly used 3pcs cutting board, kitchen knives, shears, easy storage and equipped with new material TPU cutting board with signs for different food, you can use different cutting boards according food.

Four working modes easy to operate

-Auto mode press the up button once (60 minutes):UV Sterilization+ dry


-Strengthen mode press the up button twice (90 minutes): UV Sterilization+ dry  


-UV mode press one button (30 minutes): UV Sterilization


-Press the key twice in drying mode (60 minutes): Dry

Product Details

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