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Wall-mounted Intelligent Food Purifier Automatic Fruit Vegetable Ion Purification Washing Machine


-Built-in oxygen generator. 

-Ultrasonic high pressure micro-spray flow, efficient, healthy pesticide degradation, removal of bacteria

-Multi-function ozone purifier. It not only removes pesticide residues, but also purifies water, cleans meat and seafood, and disinfects tableware.

-Easy to operate. Easily handle all sizes of fruit, vegetables and meat, seafood and a variety of cutlery.

Product Detail



Model : MS-FP01 

Product Size :285*103*57 mm

Material: ABS

Power : 45W

Voltage : 220V~

Rated frequency 50HZ 

Time setting 5-30 mins

Disinfection way Hydroxyl purification technology

Weight 1.2kg

Application Seafood/ fruit /vegetable / grains / babytoy


Hydroxy purification technology

-Hydroxyl purification can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, residual pesticides and other chemical substances on the surface of fruits, vegetables and seafood, so it can be eaten safety.

Full-featured touch operation

-Three-key touch operation is convenient and practical, regardless of age.

Compact design 

-Wall-mounted/desktop dual purpose, suitable for the structure of different families.

Timing function

-5-30 minutes adjustable timing function, 6-stage adjustable timing, to help you not be distracted when cooking.

Product Details

Wall-Mounted Food Purifier  01 Wall-Mounted Food Purifier  02 Wall-Mounted Food Purifier 03 Wall-Mounted Food Purifier  04   Wall-Mounted Food Purifier 07 Wall-Mounted Food Purifier 08Wall-Mounted Food Purifier  05Wall-Mounted Food Purifier 06

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