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Home Remote controll Ultrasonic Air Purification Comfort Cool Mist Bedroom Humidifier

 -Quad purification, 10-150m² large area humidification,  no powder, more healthy for family 

-UV sterilization, release pure and healthy water mist,sterilization rate up to 99.99% 

-Strong purification of water quality,multi – humidity adjustment.

Product Detail




Product size: 240*240* 324 mm

Water tank capacity: 3.0L

Power: 14W

Net Weight:2.6kgs

Operation principle: Evaporative humidification

Aerosolized amount: 250ml/ hour

Applications: Household Items Ultrasonic Cleaning


Ultra quiet with auto shut off

-Ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, office spaces and more, the Filterless Ultrasonic Steam Humidifier is quiet for a peaceful night's rest. 

-The quiet humidifier also features an automatic shut-off feature and an LED night light that displays a variety of colors.

Humidifier and aroma diffuser

-Safety hydrates the air helps dry skin, lips, and eyes; prevents the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and baking; and relieves coughs, nasal passages and throat irritation. 

-You can set a humidity level based on the humidity of the surroundings. transform humidifiers into an aroma diffuser by adding a few drops of essential oil to the aroma box; 

-Comes with 2 scent pads, easily set 3 cool and warm mist modes, automatic mode (55 - 68% RH), humidity levels (40% -80% RH), and 12 timer hours with the touch control panel; 

-The included remote control also controls all functions on the device for added convenience and accessibility. 

Sonic dialysis decontamination technology

-One power button and LED indicator design, and anyone can easily operate the machine .Reduce residue do not hurts objects,strong and impact the concave phase of the gaps and the dirt in the dead corners.
-Soaked and washed objects feel refreshed like the air after rain, restoring the clean and translucent essence.
-Different cleaning modes with DSC acoustic technology to clean different things, such as  jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, dentures, razors and other household products. No need to use harsh chemicals so that will not damage your valuables.
-A professional cleaner that makes your items look as good as new after washing. Note: When cleaning very dirty products, please use warm water, special cleaning solution and repeated cleaning to achieve better results

Small washing machine

-The Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner will not hinder the space when placed on the table.  Dtainless steel tank and a generous capacity of 500ml , this jewelry cleaner can fit most of your jewelry and other valuables, from the smallest of your earrings, to your daily eyeglasses. 
-The removable cleaning basket and watch holder that comes with this package helps you gather small items securely. Even with its large internal capacity, this machine is very easy to fill and has a double waterproofing process which makes it leak-proof during operation.

Product Details

Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   1 Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   6Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   2 Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   4 Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   5Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   10  Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   7 Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   9Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   8   Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   13Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   11 Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier   12  Ultrasonic Air Purification Humidifier  3

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