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Indoor USB Electric Mosquito Killer Trap Lamp Home Protector Mosquito-Killing lamp


-THIS PRODUCT IS TO USE ON MOSQUITOS ONLY. This wavelength has a fatal attraction of insect’s mosquito.

- ULTRA SAFE GUARANTEE, It is no radiation, non-toxic and chemical-free

- All that you must do in order to clean and disinfect the electric mosquito killer, empty the tray with the dead in mosquitos. The device can be used for the indoors.

Product Detail


Model :MH-MK01

Product Size : 158*140*215mm

Power : 5W

Voltage : 5V

Usable area :50-100 square meters

Control panel :Touch control

N.W :1.6kg

Operation Remote Control


 360 ° Trap of Pests

- The 360 ​​° ultraviolet light can greatly attract the surrounding mosquitoes and flying ants, then immediately be sucked into the dead insect trap below through the powerful wind of the built-in 2300rpm turbo fan, to They have no place to escape, and are then air dried and dehydrated.

 Super Quiet

-Compared to the electric fly swatter that makes horrible noise scare your kids and pets, Micnaron 2019 newest suction swatter only makes 30 decibel sound, as soft as whispers. So this is the best insecticide that you can keep in the bedroom overnight for the elderly, children, or insomnia.

 Low consumption with USB charging cable

-The pest control system can be connected to any USB interface with our USB cable. So that you can also work with a portable or portable power bank when camping. With energy-saving technology, it only takes you a few dollars a month even with daily use.

 Harmless and Maintenance Free

-This mosquito lamp has a switch on the top for easy on and off. The large capacity insect tray is detachable and has large capacity, so anytime you need, just turn the mosquito trap and rinse with water, no additional maintenance required.


-Long lasting and you can use this device both day and night. However, we suggest you use it in dark places where the light is clearly visible.

Product Details

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