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Multi-functional Induction Electric Pressure Cooker Rice in Pressure Cooking

-Multi cooker+ Rice cooker +slow cooker + food steamer

-Twin Pressure Technology ,ultra High Pressure and IH Non-Pressure

-4L large capacity

-12 hour reservation



Product Detail




Product size :272*262*278mm

Pressure cooker mouth size : 210*100 mm

Material: Non-stick cotaing liner

Rated voltage / power: 220V/ 900W

Color: purple /yellow / white

Applicable number:4-8 people

Applications: Steaming, boiling, stewing, stewing, appointment, timing, multi-functio

Control method: microcomputer type



Newest Professional Unique appearance design pressure cooker


- This isn’t your grandmothers pressure cooker! With a digital control panel

-Split design, dual use in one pot  

-304 Stainless steel liner + non-stick pan liner

-Easy to clean

Everything you need

-Your Digital Pressure Cooker includes the non-stick, dishwasher-safe inner cooking pot, a measuring cup, soup ladle and rice spoon.

-Now cook virtually every meal of the day up to 3x’s faster than conventional cooking with the Digital Pressure Cooker.

Healthy meals IN LESS TIME! Don’t stress over dinner.

With the power of super-heated steam, now cook healthy, homemade meals in 70% LESS TIME.

Better than broiling, baking, boiling or grilling, meals made in the NutriPot have more nutrients, more flavor and more juices in less time. Perfect for busy households on the go!

Product Details

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