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Cordless Multifunction Floor Cleaner


Multifunction cordless floor washer and vacuum cleaner is an innovative cleaner combined features including:

Wet washing and dry vacuuming at the same time;

Self-cleaning and charging based integrated;

Clean water and dirty water tank separated; Strong suction power and wet washing integrated; Cordless designed with detachable battery pack;

17-30 min running time in Standard/Max modes;

LED screen visible for working status;

UVC lamp built-in for bacteria and dust mite killing;

Voice reminding functioning, and more fun to be discovered.

Product Detail


Model MH-MC01
Dimension 202*263*1150mm
Rated Voltage 100-250 V, 50-60HZ, 08A
Suction power 5KPA/5.5KPA
Working time 25mins/30mins
Charging time 3-4hrs
Clear water tank 680ml
Sewage tank 450ml
Noice Level ≤ 75DBA
Net Weight 4.3KGS


1. Vacuum and wash once for all
Dry debris, dust, wet dirt can be vacuumed and washed at one time, UV lamp kills bacteria when in cleaning.

2. Dual water tank
Dirty and clean separated spray clean water from clean water tank (680mL), dirty Water and debris are collected back to dirty water tank(450mL).

3. Special designed rolling brush Set
Multi-floor friendly rolling brush cleans wooden floor, laminates, marble, low-profile rugs, ceramic , etc.

4. Minimized hair-tangling good for pet hair cleaning
Negative pressure is created immediately in the brush set, which enables FLOMO suck debris and hair into the dirty water tank, and minimize the possibility of hair tangling.

5. Max and standard vacuuming power
Running: 17-20 min in Max Mode for heavy dirt and big debris washing and vacuuming, Running: 25-30 min in Standard Mode for routine floor cleaning.

6. Self-cleaning
Press to wash the brush set and pipe,self- cleaning and charging base with voice reminding.You can clean your FLOMO with out washing it by hands.

7. UVC lamp
Kills bacteria , dust mites, bacteria can be cleared while vacuuming.
Remarkable vacuuming power
Less water residual/stain on floor.The water-proof motor provides 150W suction power,delivers ability of clean wet and dry rubbish at the same time, but it produces lower noise.

8. Self cleaning base
Easier for storage and charging keep your FLOMO tidy and clean all the time; Press to clean the brush set and pipe; Store it on the charging base.

9. Compound rolling brush performs better
The new rolling brush can clean better than sponge mop, but reach more debris, scrub stains harder, and leaves less water residual on floor.

10. High volume li-ion battery pack
One full charge delivers 20-30 min running time.

Product Details

Cordless floor cleaner (1)Cordless floor cleaner (2) Cordless floor cleaner (3) Cordless floor cleaner (1) Cordless floor cleaner (4) Cordless floor cleaner (5) Cordless floor cleaner (6) Cordless floor cleaner (7)

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