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Portable Electric Mixer Juicer USB Cup Blender,Portable Blender


With this portable juicer, you will be able to enjoy your favorite juice and fresh juice anytime,anywhere.

Just pop up the ingredients of your choice, and you can blend it anytime anywhere.

Each blender is equipped with a built-in battery with a capacity of 1300m Ah, which can be easily charged with a Micro-USB cable.

It takes up to 100 minutes to fully charge, and it can be used for about 10 cycles. 

It weighs about 500g, so you can take it with you comfortably. 

Product Detail


Model No MK-PJ01
Net Weight 0.5KG
Material SUS, Borosilicate glass,Slilicone
Charging Way  USB
Battery Capacity 1300 mAh
Product Size 246*135*97mm / 246*262*97mm
Material Aluminum
Optional Accessories Sandwich Pan,Baking pan,Sea bream grill pan,Biscuit pan


1.Ergonomic design the cup is transparent and has a leak-proof cover, which is easy to use. 

The non-slip silicone sleeve feels comfortable and does not fall off easily. Waterproof charging port, safe waterproof, dust-proof, not easy to be left behind.

The portable juicer can not only mix fruits and vegetables, but also ice cubes. In the hot summer, this will be very useful and convenient.

2.Safety design

When designing a portable juicer cup, we will fully consider the use of safety. The internal stainless steel blade is a hidden design, 

which can help you not easily cut during the operation. 

Unless the cover is tightened correctly, the blade will not work, thus preventing the high

speed rotating blade from hurting you. For security reasons.

3.USB Charging

Builtin 1300m Ah rechargeable battery makes the USB blender get rid of the dependence on power supply. 

It can be quickly charged and mixed about 10 times in 100 minutes. 

The USB charging cable is compatible with AC adapters, power banks, computers, laptops and car USB ports. 

No need to worry about plug problems worldwide.

4. Small size and light weight

Our personal blender is small in size and weight 500 grams. 

The portable design makes it easy to carry in a backpack or shoulder bag. Very suitable for family, office, gym, travel, camping, hiking, etc.

5.Easy to clean

The portable juicer cup has two cleaning modes, one-button cleaning or direct flushing can be cleaned, which is convenient and time-saving.

Product Details


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