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Precise Temperature Baby Formula Milk Bottle Warmer Thermostat Constant Baby-food Heater

-Prepare the water to the perfect temperature you want in 30s and keep it warm for 24 hours. 

-Controling inner tempture accurately and also can always keep the water warm at your constant temperature in 24 hours. The formula water will maintains warm temperature all day and night.

-Not only for the formula making, but also perfect match for baby foods, coffee, Tea, oatmeal, pasta and much more. Fast boil water and keep it warm for 24 hours, it doesn’t take too long either. Even you can enjoy your tea while preparing food for baby.


Product Detail


Model MS-BS02
Rated voltage/frequency 220 V ~50Hz
Net Weight 1.2kg
Capacity 1.2L
Material Borosilicate glass, 316L stainless steel, silica gel, PP, 304 stainless steel


1.Natural sterilizer

Our milk warmer has a boiling dechlorination function, which can eliminate harmful substances in the water. The baby's body is weak, and safe and healthy water can make your baby healthier.

2.48h thermostat system

The constant temperature mode can maintain the preset temperature for up to 48 hours. You can feed your baby conveniently during the day and night. Baby food with insulation is healthier for babies.

3.Parent's best assistant

Made of food-grade PP material. Perfect comfort for babies who are hungry and crying at night, so that the family can have a perfect sleep. We always control raw materials like milk powder control.

4.Four in one multi-function function

It has the functions of warming milk/ milk transfer/sterilizing/simmering. This fully functional machine should be the best baby gift for a growing family.

Design Sketch

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